Registered Corrientes 

Restoration of grassland and healthy habitat

Over time, the conversion of land for urban and agricultural uses has threatened California's native landscape. As natural habitat is lost, non-native plant species are able to take over which can permanently alter the land causing a ripple effect on our fragile eco system. With proper management grazing can be extremely beneficial to the land. Today, without the presence of wildlife foragers in big numbers, it is important to turn to cattle to manage weeds and undesirable non-native plants, and to provide fire protection. This is why after decades of fighting against grazing, public agencies have turned back toward ranchers to help them through conservation grazing. With our Corriente cattle, we are able to assist smaller property owners who wish to restore their land back to a healthy habitat.

The north americaN corriente cattle

Corriente cattle are small in stature, rugged and resourceful foragers well suited to the dry climate and varied terrain of California. These cattle are the original breed brought over by the Spanish (surviving the journey with little food or water) during the colonization of North America. They were  mostly replaced in the early 20th century by larger European cattle bred for beef production. In the past few decades some breeders have dedicated themselves to reintroducing Corrientes in the US from stock brought in from Mexico. In 1982 the North American Corriente Association was created to promote and preserve Corrientes, as well as provide standards for the breed. We acquired our cattle from a renowned breeder who carefully selected her herd for it's quality and amiable characteristics. A special thank you goes out to Bonnie Plog for trusting us to carry on this mission, we also want thanks Liza Jane McAlister of the 6 ranch in Oregon and Ginny Cates of Cates Ranch in New Mexico. We brought to our herd the best genetic to provide a quality cattle.